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Concierge Medicine Specialist

Christos Doctors Inn Walk In Healthcare

Dermatologist & Family Medicine Physician located in Lauderdale Lakes, FL

If you feel like other medical providers never have enough time for you and that you’d benefit from an even more personalized approach to health care, consider concierge medicine. At Christos Doctors Inn Walk In Health Care in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, Dr. Christopher Smith offers a concierge medicine service for patients who want to develop a comprehensive professional relationship and work together toward improved health and wellness. If this sounds like the health care you’ve always wanted, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine, sometimes called private medicine, is a membership program where doctors provide medical care with enhanced access to the doctor including 24-hour availability and a cell phone number. Concierge patients benefit from access to same-day appointments, comprehensive preventive screenings, and thorough annual physicals and wellness checks.

What’s included in concierge medicine?

As your concierge doctor, Dr. Smith wants to become your trusted friend and health advocate. He aims to serve all your health care needs and coordinate your care. As a member of his concierge medicine program, you receive longer appointments, access to same-day appointments, and a 24-hour access with a private cell phone number so you get the healthcare attention and advice you need when you need it.

You also receive a thorough annual wellness check that includes a physical exam and an exhaustive range of preventive health screenings and blood panels to investigate every aspect of your health. During this annual wellness appointment, you have more than an hour with Dr. Smith and can have a thorough conversation about your wellness and what you can do to improve your health and wellness.

Dr. Smith will also help you navigate the increasingly complicated health care system and will help you get the care you need when you need it.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

You receive numerous benefits when you participate in a concierge medicine program with Dr. Smith. In addition to the enhanced access to Dr. Smith, your health care changes to a more proactive approach with a strong focus on preventive care to improve your overall health and wellness, potentially reducing your risk for serious health conditions.

Many concierge patients find that with more attention from their primary care physician, they make fewer trips to emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. They also typically have less need for specialist care.

You’ll also save time. As a concierge patient, you won’t waste time in the waiting room. Dr. Smith schedules around the needs of his concierge patients so he can see you at your convenience. In some circumstances, he may even come to you.

If you’re interested in Dr. Smith’s concierge medicine program at Christos Doctors Inn Walk In Health Care in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, call or schedule a consultation online today.